Here’s what others are saying about Penny Wise, a straight-forward, easy-to-follow manual by a penny auction pro and a former journalist:

Penny Wise is an impressive new book covering a wide range of topics on the penny auction industry. From the history of penny auctions, to the business model, to strategies bidders can use to win more. It’s very likely the most complete reference on the penny auction world that exists today. A highly recommended read to anyone that visits this site (from bidder to site owner).
– Mark Streich of

I tried to read Penny Wise as if I knew nothing about the industry. I kept finding myself trying to see if it missed any important details bidders, owners, or potential owners needed to know. So here is my report on that: It misses nothing. Well done! I’ll recommend it wherever I can.
-A.J. Rosner of Indiana, a veteran penny auction bidder

Penny Wise is a true complete guide. It will keep any new bidder from wasting time and money on their learning curve. This will definitely help people learn what penny auctions are, what they are not, and most importantly, how to save their money. Great work!
– Nicholas Boccio of

Here’s what’s being written about Penny Wise:

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