A straight-forward, easy-to-follow manual, Penny Wise: The Complete Guide to Saving Money with Online Penny Auctions takes you from beginning to winning.

Penny Wise includes comprehensive chapters featuring Penny Point tips, Common Cents advice, and a Piggybank chapter full of resources.

Here are some other tools and resources to assist:

Track your auctions.

Download a spreadsheet.
Using a template like this will help you keep current on what you’re spending and winning.

Offers a detailed analysis of many penny auction sites and tracks the bidding habits of possible opponents.

Learn about auction sites.

Some forums and clearinghouse sites may suit your style; some won’t. Details are not always verified, so consider the source. Some are owned or controlled by principals or former owners of penny auction sites.

Lists promo codes for various penny auction sites. Users and owners can upload promo codes of their own. Operated by co-author Josh Waldron.

The first Groupon-style site. Offers a daily deal for small bidpacks. Operated by David Asselin of pennyauction.ca.

Includes forums sponsored by various penny auction sites and offers bid promotions. Operated by Jeremy Hetrick of BidPigs.com.

A carefully filtered directory of penny auctions. Includes news, reviews, and promo codes. Site owned by co-author Josh Waldron.

Offers 2 for 1 type deals. Operated by David Asselin of pennyauction.ca.

Hosts a large selection of penny auction reviews. Operated by David Asselin of pennyauction.ca.

The first penny auction forum to hit the internet. Site has news, promotions, and discussion threads.

Verifies authenticity of various penny auctions. Site also integrates with Penny Talk Radio, a weekly penny auction podcast.

One of the most active penny auction forums on the web. Lots of ads. Integrates social networking features.

Designed to be a gateway, first-stop site to access reviews, deals, forums, and auctions. Owned by co-author Josh Waldron and Moloyo.com principal Rob Ashe.